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110V G90E Vehicle Panel Spot Puller Dent Spotter 3500A Spot Welding Machine Multispot Bonnet Door Repair


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3500A 90E Dent Puller Spot Welder
Automotive intelligent pulse repair machine. The machine is the ideal product for dent pulling and straightening of low thickness car body elements, such as bonnet, door, roof panel and wings. Advanced
Small Welding Spot
Our machine makes small welding spot that means it won’t damage the anti-corrosive paint on the another side of panel.
7 Modes Available
The machine provides 7 modes for your choice. With the simple operation panel. it won’t be a trouble to use the machine. The switch among those modes can be very steady and smooth.
2 Welding Guns
With 2 welding guns, one machine can be capable of two different functions, which means the time and energy spent on switching guns could be reduced and working efficiency will rise.
Efficient Radiator
The cooling system can quickly achieve heat dissipation, and make the machine not so easy to burn. Providing high efficiency during your work and fast heat dissipation is ensured.
Standard Accessory
With Hook hammer,Carbon rod connector, Triangle chuck, Manual sucker, Carbon rods, Triangle straight pull sheet, Spanner for wrench, Manual.
Wide Application
Suitable for Sheet metal fire, meson, straight pull, spot welding, flattening, wave line, stud, OT film, triangular and so on.


Model: 90E
Input voltage: 110V
Output voltage: Carbon rod heating AC3V-5V Meson melting AC1V-7V Touch welding AC1V-7V
Input power: 2KW
Instantaneous maximum output current: 3500A
Input the maximum current: 20A
Way of working: Automatic induction welding
Regular working hours: Automatic mode program setting
Work stalls: 7 channels 63 modes
Single-sided welding thickness: 0.6+1.2mm
Vacuum suction: 180kg

Package Content

1×Hook hammer
1×Carbon rod connector
1×Triangle chuck
1×Manual sucker
2×Carbon rods
10×Triangle straight pull sheet
1×Spanner for wrench

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 46 × 36 × 40 cm
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