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Adjustable Width Black Powder Coated Extended Roll Sports Bar With Basket

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  • Basket measurements. Inner measurements: 1190x630mm. Outer measurements: 1270x665mm
  • Easily removable basket. 12 Allen key bolts holds the top basket and brackets to pre-installed rivet nuts. Many customers remove the basket during the weekdays to carry bulky/long items in the tub for work and reinstall the basket for weekend fun at the trails.
  • Super customizable. Red acrylic backing plates accent the CNC ‘4×4’ cutouts on the sports bar. One of the most common mods done to this sports bar is to respray these plates a custom color (body color or to match other accessories) or to remove them entirely for a stealthy look.
  • Universal flat base. To suit most tubs as the sport bar is adjustable in width. It will require drilling into the top of the tub to install the sports bar. Nutserts are provided for here since some tubs are double layered. Swapping to a nut & bolt is possible but please note that this may risk deformation of the panels of the tub as it’d squeeze the tub layers together.
  • Sleek, stealthy, strong. One piece extended side rails
  • Powder coated black steel
  • Flat packed to reduce shipping costs. The item will need to be assembled prior to installation.
  • For wider tubs where there is less crossover between the 3-piece tube of the sports bar, it is recommended to add 4 rivets along the circumference of the centre tube (2 rivets on each side spread at 90 degrees) to strengthen the sports bar
  • Maximum loading capacity (assuming the above): 100kg
  • Instruction booklet NOT included with product.
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