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HI-TECH Fast & Foamy Fabric & Carpet Cleaner


Hi-Tech Fast & Foamy is a professional strength velour, fabric and carpet cleaner – exceptional for all auto interior fabrics! Its dry foaming action enables the professional to lift out dirt and stains from carpet while minimizing surface wetness. Fast & Foamy utilizes VFC optical brighteners, has a convenient upside-down tip, cleans, deodorizes, and leaves a pleasant citrus aroma. Aerosol can net weight 12 oz. California / OTC VOC Compliant.

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  • ✅SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING Fast and Foamy Foam Carpet Cleaner is formulated for quick action and deep cleaning. Perfect for heavy traffic areas like hallways, landings, stairs and other frequently used areas. Safe on Auto Upholstery and Carpet.
  • ✅SPEND LESS TIME WAITING FOR CARPET OR UPHOLSTERY TO DRY The dry high foaming action of Hi-Tech Fast and Foamy Carpet and Fabric Cleaner lifts the dirt and stains from carpet and fabric fibers with minimum surface wetness providing a quick dry time.
  • ✅GET INTO THE HARD-TO-REACH PLACES The convenient inverted sprayer tip allows you to use the Foam Carpet Cleaner Spray right side up or upside down. Point the foam carpet spray exactly where you need it.
  • ✅FRESH AROMA Fast and Foamy Velour, Fabric and Carpet Cleaner deodorizes as it clean leaving a fresh light scent.
  • ✅ VFC OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS Fast & Foamy Heavy Traffic Foam Carpet Cleaner Spray utilizes VFC optical brighteners to help restore the new look to your carpet and fabrics.


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